Graphic Design Projects

Travel Campaign

This travel campaign consists of two travel posters for two different destinations and an all encompassing brochure. These pieces are made cohesive by using consistent colors, fonts, and of course, the slogan, "The Sky is NOT the Limit". The purpose of the campaign is for Canon to inspire young, adventurous photographers to take new photos on hot-air balloon rides in unique cities. The destinations, Gstaad, Switzerland and Letchworth State Park, New York, were chosen for their infamous hot-air balloon experiences and scenic views.

Cohen used Adobe Photoshop and photo manipulation to create the hot-air balloons and fix them onto a background that translates throughout the theme of the campaign. For the brochure she used InDesign as well.

Doctors Without Borders Newsletter

This newsletter was created for the organization “Doctors Without Borders”. It is an informative 6-page letter highlighting eventful news stories from doctors giving care in countries abroad. It was developed using Photoshop and Indesign tools such as opacity levels, creative margins, and master pages. It also utilizes the original colors and style from the website, even adding supplemental information throughoutt the stories in the grey bars. This tool is meant to mimick the hyperlinks added within the online newsletter, redirecting readers to more information since some stories are medically complex.